Veva Salt Cellar with Piano Farm Herbed Salt

Veva Salt Cellar with Piano Farm Herbed Salt

Veva Edelson
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Truly working art.

A hard working salt cellar delicately pinch by equally hardworking hands. Black clay with a shiny white glaze. 

Veva hand makes each one of these in very, very, very limited quantities in her farm studio located in the tiny town of Bloomfield. They are special and I love them.

Stock your larder with regeneratively cultivated produce and handmade food products by Piano Farm. 

This original pair of small batch products for your larder includes:

A hand made ceramic salt cellar & spoon made by Veva + your choice of either Sonoma Coast Herb Salt or Herbs de Provence.

The Sonoma Coast Herb Salt is a Mediterranean blend of oregano, thyme, marjoram, sage and rosemary harvested and picked by hand from our herb spiral. We use Sonoma coast sea salt to process the herbs and dry them. A perfect salt for roasting, adding to soups or sprinkling as a finishing salt, offering an herby dimension to anything with ease. 

Piano Farm's Herbs de Provence is a fresh bright blend of lavender, fennel, mint, sage oregano, thyme and rosemary processed and dried in Sonoma coast sea salt. This one is fantastic with goat cheese or on vegetables, lamb or chicken.